Why Join Pakistan Army? by Bin Munawar


This article in its entirety is a lecture about Pakistan Army. I presented this article in a course educating and encouraging students to join the army . Although it is a long read, I hope the readers will find it informative as opposed to the current resentment towards the armed forces of our nation.

Pakistan Army is the largest military branch in the country. Pakistan Army has the reputation of being powerful, experienced, and professional. Pakistan Army with an active force of 619,000 personnel and 528,000 personnel in reserve makes Pakistan a seventh largest military force in the world. The main responsibilities of the army is to protect the borders, security of administrative areas, and defending the national interests of Pakistan within the framework of its international obligations.

Pakistan Army has a rich combat experience. This comes with fighting multiple wars throughout the short history of Pakistan. Pakistan Army now also specializes in counter-terrorism efforts due to its collaboration in the War on Terror. In addition to its role on the War on Terror, Pakistan Army is also responsible of contributing towards the United Nations peacekeeping efforts. Pakistan Army recently grabbed the title of being the largest active force in the peacekeeping efforts by the United Nations.
Cheif of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani currently has the honours to lead this prestigious military organization. Currently Pakistan Army’s active duty personnel as well as the reserves continue to protect our nation day and night from the terrorists and other anti-Pakistani national interests.

A job in the army is not just a profession, it’s a way of life.
“The Army as a Profession of Arms is a unique vocation.” Professional Soldiers are “volunteers…
bonded with comrades in a shared identity and culture of sacrifice and service” Army leaders establish
a professional identity and culture rather than one of government occupation. This culture sponsors
altruism, selfless service to the nation, and ethos toward the Army and its mission. (Martin E. Dempsey General, U.S. Army Commanding General)

Inculcates leadership qualities. We learn to lead from the front by setting personal example. This results from highest standards of professional training.
Army Leadership requires encouraging innovation and must reinforce warrior culture in every soldier. The army leadership policy aims at meeting the objectives of Global war On Terrorism (GWOT) and in Contemporary Operating Environment (COE). It also aims at creating self awareness among leaders and the willingness to be adaptive. Major responsibilities of Army leadership;

The major responsibility of army leadership is to incorporate the army ethos in each and every soldier. The army values and training and development are also the main aim of leadership.
Plan for the better future
The training and salary you get as a Soldier are only some of the ways the Army strengthens you for tomorrow. The Army also offers money for education, comprehensive health care, generous vacation time, family services and support groups, special pay for special duties, and cash allowances to cover the cost of living.
Abundant opportunities to rise and excel:
a. Opportunity for higher studies/ b. Opportunities for enhancing professional knowledge.
With all the great benefits you can receive as an Army soldier, it’s no surprise that more people are choosing an Army education. In the Army, qualified students can earn full-tuition, merit-based scholarships, allowances for books and fees, plus an annual stipend for living expenses. You’ll also be presented with hands-on career and leadership training from experts in your field, incredible internship opportunities and a variety of valuable experiences to help you prepare for success in any career path you choose.
Several Opportunities for specialisation i.e. SSG, Aviation Services etc. depending on the eligibility and objective is provided to army personals’. Not only that but these opportunities are presented irrespective of any territorial restriction. Thus the members of the Armed forces can have opportunities to study abroad regarding their specific area of interest and skills.

What makes an army man different?
An army man is able to operate independently in dynamic and sensitive environment irregardless off his previous background. He gets equal opportunities to rise above. He develops good communication skill and becomes able enough to cooperate and negotiate with various personnel and with government and non government agencies. He maintains tactical and technical competence.

Some other main qualities required for army leadership are as follows:
1. Loyalty; Loyalty to the Pakistani constitution and Army unit is a must for an army leader.
2. Duty; A good leader must be dutiful to do legal and moral obligation without the need to specify. He should be able to analyze what should be done.
3. Respect; He must learn to respect others so that they can also respect him.
4. Selfless service; He must have the nature of providing selfless service to the nation and the army.
5. Integrity; Professional army ethics must be strictly followed by a leader. He must be honest and must do only the right things those are legal and moral.
6. Personal courage; an excellent leader is one who must be brave enough to face the toughest situations. He must be able to face danger and risks.
All these attributes make him a different professional from all the other professions.
Combat Arms and Services (Choices of Arms n Services)
To the beginner, the Army certainly has its fair share of confusing terms. These are partly due to our rich ties to history, but also because by using easily recognised but distinct titles, the Army can keep itself organised.

In general, the Army is divided into the Combat Arms and Services, which are then both divided further into Corps and Regiments. Combat Arms comprise units who become actively involved in the fighting of any battle. Combat Support and Combat Service Support units provide support to the Combat Arms.

a. Infantry for those who love challenges.
You’ll be trained and equipped to fight on your feet. You’ll learn how to operate in all environments, use armoured vehicles or train in air assault techniques.

b. Armoured Corps for the ones who dare.

The powerhouse of the Army. Join the RAC and you’ll be trained in its speciality, manoeuvre warfare; the ability to find, fix and strike the enemy’s weak point with tanks or light armoured vehicles.

c. Artillery for those with a keen eye.
The Artillery supply the Army’s firepower – providing Close Support on the battlefield, General Support, Specialist Support (working alongside the Paras and the Commandos), Air Defense and Surveillance & Target Acquisition.

d.Corps of Engineers for the meticulous n diligent.
From building bridges and runways to clearing landmines, the Engineers takes its experience to the front line. They are trained in areas such as plumbing, brick laying, carpentry and electrical engineering amongst others. There is also the opportunity to get chartered engineer status. The engineer in the army uses its expertise to help the Army do its job wherever it is, with roles in the Armoured, Air Assault, Commando, Air Support, Bomb Disposal and the Geographic Engineers.
e. EME for researchers and innovation.
Train as an Aircraft or Electronic Technician, a Vehicle Mechanic or an Armorer in the EME helps keep all the Army’s vast array of military vehicles and equipment – from Apache helicopters to Challenger 2 main battle tanks – ready for action 24/7.

f. Aviation for sky lovers.

Whether it’s on the ground or in the air, your role in the AAC will see you working with the Army’s own fleet of helicopters, and you’ll always be at the cutting edge of military technology.

g. Medical Corps for those who love humanity.

As a Combat Medical Technician you could be providing emergency treatment and evacuating casualties from the front-line. Includes physicians, physiotherapists, pharmacists, dentists, veterinary officers and nurses.
h. Services n Ordinance Corps for those who have the passion to serve others.
7. Provides respect, professional competence, knowledge, research opportunities.
8. We get to see our country, we get to see the world. Foreign postings, foreign courses, foreign training/research options.
9.Equal opportunities for those who see sky as the limit.
10. Status, respect, privileges n perks, healthy social life, community living, quality education for children.

Armed Forces are perfect specimen of Quaid’s motto Unity Faith and Discipline.
Discipline in the Army is important because of the stakes involved. In civilian world a lack of discipline may cause some discomfort or may be some problems with the law. As a discipline soldier you place the unit’s mission above your personal welfare. It simply means the understanding your task and obeying orders promptly because your fellow soldiers and leaders depend on you to do so.

The purpose of discipline is to make soldiers to be well trained so that they carry out orders quickly and intelligently under the most difficult conditions. Insistence of performing tasks properly enhances military discipline. For example, ensuring soldiers wear their uniforms properly, following orders, march well or repeat tasks until they do them correctly are part of military discipline.

Proper execution of orders saves lives in combat. This is no way means you should not exercise initiative to solve a problem or to ensure the job gets done. Pakistani soldiers have a long tradition of displaying initiative and discipline soldiers focus their efforts toward the success of the team.

Opportunity to DEFEND and SERVE motherland like no other can do. Fighting enemy, helping people in natural calamities, handling difficult law n order situations.
In times of natural disaster army engineers, medical and logistics personnel, and the armed forces played a major role in bringing relief and supplies. The army also engaged in extensive economic activities. Most of these enterprises, such as stud and dairy farms, were for the army’s own use, but others performed functions beneficial to the local civilian economy. Army factories produced such goods as sugar, fertilizer, and brass castings and sold them to civilian consumers.
The undertaking of relief operation of all sorts of magnitude as we have witnessed in the past could only be taken by the men and machines of the Armed Forces of Pakistan. There are reports that the United Nations recommended the Pakistan military form a standby team to respond in disasters. Integrated military-civilian responses are most likely to be successful in natural disasters.
The role of the military becomes more contentious as the immediate life-saving phase of an aid operation ends and the reconstruction phase takes over. It is therefore important for military actors to not only develop their capacity to respond to disasters, but also to develop their capacity to exit from disaster responses.
From 2003 to 2010, we have lost around 5200 troops and 900 officers including 1 into lt gen, 4 into maj gen,13 into brigadiers and 27 into col in the war against Extremists.

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