Virsa Heritage Revived on PTV Iqbal Day Special


PTV Home, a wavefront of the PTV Network, the first official channel of Pakistan has taken in charge of revitalizing the charm of the “good old days”  we often get to hear from our grandparents as they recall the delightful ambiance set up by the single TV channel of Pakistan. Shows like “Raat Gaye” and “Virsa-Heritage Revived” are sequential efforts being made in order to introduce the new generation to its rich and resplendent cultural heritage, a plethora of grand and sumptuous art of music, poetry and prose.

The Iqbal Day Special show is an illustrious example. With able and orate hosts of the evening, Ms.Iffat Omar and Mian Yousuf Salahuddin, the whole package was over-loaded with cultural and social dynamos of Pakistan which have earned such a glorious reputation for the country in their respective fields. The Guest of Honor was none other than Iqbal’s own son, the accomplished Justice Javed Iqbal. The artists of the night were Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Sanam Marvi and Hina Nasrullah, who need no introduction. All of them are descendants of the artistic lineage of Pakistan renowned, regardless of borders.

Touching and eloquently-delivered words from Justice Javed Iqbal and Bushra Ejaz combined with the mystical and magical performances by the artists such as ” Tu Reh Newarde Shoq Hai”, “Dil Souz Se Khaali Hai” and “Kalame Iqbal” set up an aura of enchantment for the entire evening.

The programme concluded with the well-versed dua of the hosts for a prosperous Pakistan and the message of Iqbal propagated so that the torch-bearers of the nation understand and implement atleast only 20% of the Great Poet’s interpretations into their lives.

  • Hadiya

    Excellent piece of writing. PTV is still the best !

  • Ali Qureshi

    it was an excellent effort. can any1 tell me dat 4m where can i get a cd of this Adaab e Khud Agahi program?

  • Ron Tedwater

    Really nice post,thank you

  • Sarah Khan

    Excellent style of writing. Very good show. Keep it up. Want more like that !

  • Huma

    did you ever manage to find out!??? i cant find it,.. if infact there is a cd? really didnt want to have to sit and convert them all from you tube! =(

  • uzair khan

    most beautiful n loving song.heritage virsa revival is the best

  • http://yahoo Sikandar Hayat

    i appreciat this effort alot & i think this should be continue 4 a long long time

  • adnan bashir

    i love this program

  • Amir

    Salam I rely like this program.. plz send me there last episode link and I find new episode virsa heritage revived program..plzz help me

  • Abdullah

    Its an awesome effort by PTV.. and Mian Yousaf Salahuddin’s doing a great job,.. Sahir Ali bagga, Sanam Marvi, Sara, Hina.. u all r doing such a fabolus work, and wanna see u doing more such stuff in future.. and I hope you’ll be singing for Pakistani movies as well.. There aint a singer like Sahir ali bagga
    Can anyone give me the link to download all virsa songs in audio mp3.. Thank you!

  • Sahir

    Such a nice sh0w. .thanks ptv

  • muhammad hasnat ahmad

    i like the virsa song by hinna , sanam marvi ect.

  • Muhammad Shoaib

    It is such a great and intertained programe.
    I like this programe very much.
    Cary on PTV.
    And very thankful to the PTV manegment.
    Please carry on,

  • jamil shah

    can any one provide me a link for “shikwa jwab e shikwa by rahat fatih ” ? plz share i really looking for it