The 2nd Comedy Night!


The Knowledge Factory held its second Comedy Night on 4th March and played host to an audience who left with big smiles on their faces.

The night started off with a new entry into the comedy world in Pakistan, but no stranger to stand up comedy in Manchester, Zubair Asghar. The British accent did not hinder this talented young man from having the audience roaring with laughter as soon as he started his act.

Next was a seasoned, veteran stand-up comedian from Karachi, Junaid Akram. He picked up his audience well from where Zubair had left off with the laughs and his last set of slides about Paki versions of Hollywood movies got roars of laughter.

The last stand-up act of the night by Shehzad Shaikh, President of Cogito Productions, had the audience rolling off their seats in no time. His mimicry of famous personalities, the spot on punch lines, and his animated account of instances around the nation left the audience in hysterics.

Next up was improvisational comedy by the Room for Improv-ment – a troupe of entertainers brought together by a passion for comedy. The 3 stand up comedians along with Shah Fahad (from FAST University), Murad Awan, Abdul Ahad Ayub and Amtul Haseen Baweja (students at LUMS) and Daniyal Malik (the lyricist of Aaloo Anday) took comedy to another level with their improv games and especially their Pakistani version of the Irish Drinking Song. Shah Fahad and Daniyal Malik won much applause for their outstanding performance during the games.
An improve troupe has been Shaikh’s dream for a while now, he said, and it seems like his efforts are finally paying off and he truly has it going for him this time.British comedian Shazia Mirza, too, seemed to enjoy the event fully. Comedy Night did not only fill up the room with roars of laughter, but also left the audience asking for more. Laiba Moin, a student at LSE, was in awe after the improv session and said she could not wait for the next Comedy Night.
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