EVER wondered why, the world is in the chaotic situation, every country is in the state of war, the world’s peace is verging on wreckage. These are the questions no one likes to be asked. When we go to the capitalist west, we see supermarkets with shelves overflowing with every possible goodie the heart may desire. This phenomenon occurs despite the fact that they have lower population densities, and hence less customers. On the contrary, here in socialist, Pakistan, where the density of population is high, the number of supermarkets can be counted on fingers. No matter how many facilities western countries provide, they cannot shun the reality that someday resources they use will be vanished from the face of the earth. This is because we have heard all our lives that the resources are “scarce”.

This is a prominent fact that mankind is facing extinction. There is a fear of dying among the general public all around the world, reason being the scarcity of resources round the globe. Developed country like United States, who holds most of the world’s possessions is not willing to make any efforts to discover new elements which can be used as an alternatives to the vanishing resources for the betterment of mankind. It looks like that the world’s most powerful entity only believes in declaring war against the under-developed countries who doesn’t have the machinery to utilize the blessings, they have been given by the almighty creator.
Three years ago, as America was preparing to set a war in Iraq, there were few discussions of the likely costs. When Larry Lindsey, President Bush’s economic adviser, suggested that they might reach $200 billion, but that number was a gross estimation. In reality, America has spent approximately $750 billion on war which is far more than they actually anticipated. Economic condition of all countries of the world has been shaken just over the sake of “doubt” that Iraq is working on developing nuclear missile.
It is a fact that America has lost the war against Iraq and the money which could have been used for making this world a better place. It is also a reality that Iraq war was just a disguise to gain control on oil resources of the country. Condition of Iraqi people is so vulnerable that instead of having the most precious thing a country can desire, they are living a life of drifters. This situation is not only in Iraq but the countries which have this blessing -oil. This shows the true face of the American Government and also what they are really after. They want to capture all the resources left on this earth in order to rule the world in future.

There is an earnest need to build an independent think-and-do tank that inspires and demonstrates real economic well being. Developed countries like United States need to work in partnership with under developed countries that have sufficient raw materials for manufacturing great new economic resources. They should work; primarily on the scarce elements in order fulfill all human’s wants and needs.

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