Poverty in Pakistan by Adeel Tariq


Poverty in Pakistan is a growing concern. Poverty is widespread in Pakistan and is particularly predominant in rural areas.Poverty is the lack of basic human needs, such as clean water , nutrition, health care, education, clothing and shelter, because of the powerlessness to afford them. This is also referred to as absolute poverty. Relative poverty is the condition of having fewer resources or less income than others within a society or country, or compared to worldwide averages.

Poverty in Pakistan is a growing concern, as it is a developing country. The literacy rate of Pakistan is very low. Most of people do not have any notion about the contemporary earning sources. Most people are unable to assume expertise for their business needs, that’s why businesses do not meet international standards and as a result there is decrease in proceeds which leads the humanity to poor financial environment.

In our society, social bonding is slowly but surely becomes thinner and thinner. A chase of material object has been started even no one tried to understand the problems of others. People are not ready to help each other. Now, everyone has lost his trust on others which has also affected our social and economic system and it is another cause of poverty.

The import of Pakistan is greater than export. Big revenue is consumed in importing goods every year. Even raw material has to be imported for industry. If we decrease import and launch own supply chains from our country’s natural resources, the people will have better opportunities to earn.

Pakistan is an agricultural country. Most of the people are farmers by occupation. One has land which is gratifying the needs of his family but he has to divide the land into his children when they get older. After division, the land is not sufficient enough to support a family. Now the families of his children are suffering and spending their lives below poverty line.

Another main reason for poverty is the social dishonesty and irresponsible behavior of people. Everyone is trying to get rich by using unfair means. A shop keeper is ready to get as much money as possible from the pocket of customer. People doing jobs are not performing their duties well.

In this society the man considered brave or respectful is the one who does not pay taxes or continuously violates the laws. This irresponsible behavior continuously increases and produces loss for the country.

Poverty is distressing to the societies in many ways: Diseases are more widely spread because poor people cannot afford hygienic foods and pure drinking water which is much expensive. Many infants born into poverty have a low birth weight, which is related with many preventable mental and physical disabilities. Not only are these poor infants more likely to be irritable or sickly, they are also more likely to die.

Poor families experience much more stress than middle-class families. Besides financial uncertainty, these families are more likely to be exposed to series of negative events including illness, depression, job loss, criminal oppression, and family death.Homelessness, or extreme poverty, carries with it a particularly strong set of risks for families, especially children. Homeless children are less likely to receive proper nutrition and immunization. They experience more health problems. Homeless families experience even greater life stress than other families, including increased, family relationships, and friendships.

Every problem in the born comes up with a clarification. Only if we the people of Pakistan are enthusiastic to take measures against poverty we can take ourselves out from these circumstances of distress .Poverty will never end unless there are real solutions to end it; solutions based on economic justice and political changes.

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    nice article about poverty and some basic reasons behind it.certainly it is not too much easy to remove poverty completely but can minimise it through long term planning to achive this task the whole nation individually should
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