Interview Fever


If you think there isn’t anything better than chilling at home while you are in-between jobs. Think again! It has been twenty days since I bid farewell to my last job. My plan was simple; having fun till the day’s end. Had no idea that the honey moon period would be over so soon. The romance of freedom did not last long just as everyone predicted and I am again searching for jobs and acing interviews.

Yes, I love being the interviewee more than being free in my room, doing nothing but listening to classic rock. Call it my extrovert nature or just this natural talent of posing good first impression which helps me take up a challenge of rocking an interview. Enough ranting!

I am neither an HR expert nor have I taken classes for this but I would still like to impart my wisdom (so-called) for avoiding fatal interview slip-ups. Even if you have landed that much-awaited interview call for a dream job, committing fatal interview mistakes could bring your only chance to make a good impression to a screeching halt.

Remember that interviews are all about communication and communication as you know it has many forms. It’s not what you say, but how you say it and what you’re doing while you say it. Your facial expressions, posture and overall appearance; all send messages about you to the interviewer and can influence how you are perceived.

  • Avoid being late. This conveys that the interview is not a priority and you’re not really interested in the position. Being on time in an interview is crucial as it sets your standard high.
  • Inappropriate attire. Well of course you know that. Make sure the outfit is tidy and ironed properly. They say blue works well in an interview and they said right. It’s a very basic color and you can’t go too loud or too minimalistic with this color. Girls should avoid wearing extravagant or gaudy clothes. Decency is the key!
  • Do not avoid eye contact. Averting the gaze of the interviewer can make you appear untrustworthy or unsure of your qualification for the position. Face your interviewer with a firm handshake guys and don’t forget the direct eye contact. For girls handshake is not obligatory.
  • Don’t be too candid. The interviewer expects direct answers. He might lead you astray just to check how far you can go with information about yourself. You, however need to stick to the basics e.g. you are very interested and are excited about the prospect of working for such a prestigious company.
  • Unprofessional behavior. Guys seriously, I know it’s a very basic thing but sometimes you mistakenly do something out of the box that could just kill it for you. Don’t slump in the chair or talk loudly. Shaking your legs is a big no no. Also don’t use hand gestures to explain stuff. Don’t let profanity slip your tongue either. Patience is a virtue; so if you have to wait an extra hour, don’t act fidgety. Switch off your phone and do not act indifferent. Show your moderate excitement and let them see your positive energy.
  • Never be unprepared. Nothing beats your chances for a good interview than being unprepared in an interview. It conveys your irresponsible attitude. Bring an extra copy of your credentials which you have sent them. They are always more interested in your copy than the one you sent them.
  • Don’t be dishonest. Feel proud of your accomplishments. Don’t exaggerate the truth or lie about your credentials. Do not show that you are an over-achiever by talking on and on about what you can do. I often tell my interviewer that they can best check my abilities under circumstances. That always gets me a smile!

Remember, that an interview is the first step towards success. You have to prove your merit after you get a job. Good luck!




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