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Chen One Foundation & BNU Presented…

  • The flood victims still need our help. The people need a constant reminder of the poor victims from time to time. This time around the flood relief efforts done by Chen One and Beaconhouse National University needs to be mentioned. They tried to tell, collect funds and entertain the Lahoris and especially the students.
  • On the 12th of November, Chen One foundation organized a musical show along with BNU students. Maryam, a model representing Chen One originated the idea of a concert being held for the flood relief.  Despite the main performers being Falak, Raga Boys and self-proclaimed pop princess Ainee; sadly the turnout was very low than expected.
  • The small crowd that was did turn up happened to enjoy all the performances throughout and cheered as enthusiastically as they could. Such a turn out at a relief function was a given, because Lahorites as I have seen and observed throughout my socializing years have not been a fan of giving donations. They perhaps give it to foundations without the expectations of events like these. Nonetheless I could not help but be disappointed at the turnout.
  • Yasir and Adnan, the two managers from BNU tried to convince me that despite the advertisement, the people were busy probably watching the play or at Hardees. However, the fellows were trying their best to conceal their disappointment as well. After all the talks of the show becoming a success nonetheless, I was invited to a fashion show organized by BNU at the The Grand Alley on the 13th of November i.e the very next day . I would like to see the turn out to this upcoming event now so I can probably write more about the psyche relating to flood victim’s aids and relief based events.


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